Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Le Boise Alternatives

DJ MacIntyre and Josée Guénette founded Le Boise Alternatives with the intent of making alternative energy more accessible.

The Le Boisé Alternatives company is based in the Gatineau Hills of Québec, one hour North of Ottawa, Ontario. We service all of Canada and can ship to the United States. Travel fees may apply.

DJ and Josée live in a home where alternative power is the only source of electricity.

In the year 2000, DJ MacIntyre and his wife purchased land in the Gatineau Hills, North of Ottawa, Ontario. Their intention was to build a comfortable home, where they could enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods and commute to their careers in the city.

Since the cost of installing conventional hydro was in excess of $100,000, they discovered surprisingly, DJ and Josee examined others options and concluded that the most cost-effective method (without sacrificing the beauty and peacefulness of the natural surroundings) was alternative energy. Currently, their home operates a 2.4 kW Jakobs wind turbine on a 100-foot tower, with a large battery storage system and mainly propane appliances.

DJ MacIntyre is a journeyman millwright, certified competent in the maintenance and installation of all stationary machinery, including power generation equipment, and trained in all aspects of plumbing, instrumentation, and welding. DJ's main work interest is in prototype design and customized set-up and installation of electrical and mechanical systems. There are no problems, he believes, just challenges. Learn how to build a log home? No problem! Build an electrical generation system from scratch? No problem!

Josée Guénette is trained in a technical field, one of the rare "hands-on" type that doesn't mind getting her hands dirty; actually, she seems to enjoy it! With her canine menagerie, she lives in a log home she and her husband built from scratch, in a wooded area due North of Ottawa, Ontario, about two kilometres away from the nearest hydro pole. "Work Smart, Not Hard!" is her motto!

Josée's interest in alternative energy stems from a desire to live comfortably off the grid. Alternative living measures involving a significant degree of loss in standard of living are not to her liking, and when something is not to her liking, her sharp engineering mind and creativity are brought to bear, and with her aptitude for project management, things happen. As a result, the system powering her home allows her to live with the modern conveniences.


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