Saturday, September 30, 2006

Preparing the wind tower site

This morning Jim Juczak (Woodhenge) and I mowed the wind tower site (blackberry bushes, saplings, hay and rocks), and staked out the locations for the pilings for the guy wires. We couldn't get the auger functioning, so we started digging the holes by hand. Numerous rocks later, it was decided to call for a backhoe, which we hope to have next week. We will insert rebar for the guy wire connections (6 guy wires per "corner"), and fill with cement. The pilings are 40' from the center at the four points of the compass, and 56' diagonally from each other. The 70' tower will be guyed every 10'.

About 11am we headed over to Luray Martin's for a "barn" raising. Spent the rest of the dail installing metal roofing on his new shop.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Axial Flux Wind Turbine Raising

September 30th, the pads for the new wind tower are being poured. November 14th, the tower and turbine goes up and the power will be connected to the batteries. Jim Juczak from Woodhenge will be officiating over the technical aspects of the ceremony. Come and join the fun, and learn how to build and raise your own wind turbine from common home and workshop items. email for more info.